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Picasso Lithographs
Picasso, Pablo
Paperback: 15% off! $27.95 $23.76 [28,510₩]
works over period of 35 years. Bulls, nudes, myth, artists, actors, all in the purest lithographic line.

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Drawn from Nature: The Plant Lithographs of Ellsworth Kelly
Axsom, Richard H.
Hardcover: $50.00 [60,000₩]
The definitve study of Ellsworth Kelly's equisite series of plant, fruit, and flower lithographs.

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Pablo Picasso: The Lithographs
Franz, Erich
Hardcover: 15% off! $27.95 $23.76 [28,510₩]
Like no other medium in which he worked, Picasso's lithography only began to realize its full potential in the decades after 1945. This new volume presents Picasso's entire lithographic oeuvre, consisting of 855 pieces — for the first time in full... [More...]

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Chagall Lithographs: A Catalogue Raisonne
Chagall, Marc
Hardcover: 15% off! $27.95 $23.76 [28,510₩]
Marc Chagall is among the most beloved of 20th century painters — celebrated for a playful artistic vision at once pastoral and dreamlike, and for his seamless combination of classical mythology, Jewish mysticism, and the folklore of French and... [More...]

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Bird's Eye Views: Historic Lithographs of North American Cities
Reps, John W.
Hardcover: $73.50 [88,200₩]
As new towns and cities spread across the American frontier in the nineteenth century, itinerant artists soon followed, documenting these growing urban centers by drawing aerial perspectives, also known as bird's eye views. Commissioned by land speculators,... [More...]

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Offset Lithographic Technology
Hird, Kenneth F.
Paperback: $18.20 [21,840₩]
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Offset Lithographic Technology has been extensively revised for the 2000 edition, with state-of-the-art coverage of electronic applications in all areas of printing including electronic text generation, computer-to-film and computer-to-plate operations, and... [More...]

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Currier & Ives: America Imagined
LeBeau, Bryan F.
Hardcover: 15% off! $27.95 $23.76 [28,510₩]
When Nathaniel Currier started his publishing business in 1834, the mass production of visual images was almost unknown. Currier and his partner, James Ives, literally changed the American landscape by mass-producing inexpensive lithographs and selling... [More...]

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Stone Lithography
Croft, Paul
Paperback: $27.95 [33,540₩]
- A basic primer on one of the most popular printmaking arts
- A comprehensive technical guide to contemporary stone lithography

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Discoveries: Toulouse-Lautrec
Freches, Claire
Paperback: $13.60 [16,320₩]
This compassionate narrative combines with reminiscences of the artist's friends to vividly evoke Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec's tragic, bohemian life. Sumptuous reproductions of paintings, prints, and drawings show why his artistic influence was so great. 227... [More...]

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The Confederate Image: Prints of the Lost Cause
Neely, Mark, Jr.
Paperback: $53.50 [64,200₩]
First published in 1987, "The Confederate Image examines the popular lithographs and engravings cherished by Southerners during and after the Civil War. These images helped sustain and revive Southern identity following the collapse of the Confederacy.... [More...]