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Gifts of the Crow: How Perception, Emotion, and Thought Allow Smart Birds to Behave Like Humans
Marzluff, John, Angell, Tony (Author)
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Format: Hardcover, 287pp.
Date of publication: Jun 05 2012
Publisher: Free Press
ISBN-13: 9781439198735
Dimensions: 23.75 cm. (length) X 16.18 cm. (width) X 2.72 cm. (thickness)
Weight: 459 grams
This book includes illustrations
About the Book
Marzluff has done some of the most extraordinary research on crows and has been featured in national media outlets. Now he teams up with artist and fellow naturalist Angell for an in-depth look at these incredible creatures—in a fully illustrated, riveting work. [Edit review] [Delete review]
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