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The Quantum Dot: A Journey Into the Future of Microelectronics
Turton, Richard
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Format: Paperback, 224pp.
Date of publication: Sep 26 1996
ISBN-13: 9780195109597
Dimensions: 23.24 cm. (length) X 15.54 cm. (width) X 1.68 cm. (thickness)
Weight: 386 grams
This book includes illustrations
About the Book
In The Quantum Dot, physicist Richard Turton reveals the science behind the microelectronic revolution and provides us with a tantalizing peek at the future of this rapidly evolving field. Turton's clear explanations and engaging style make this a book that will appeal to the armchair scientist while sacrificing nothing of the complexity that the more sophisticated reader will demand. The range of future possibilities is immense, and thanks to The Quantam Dot, we can follow the progress of modern technology and glimpse how new the world might look. [Edit review] [Delete review]
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